Buildings and structures
Turn-key construction of buildings and structures

ZAO "Lengazteplostroy Trust" fulfills the orders for construction, expanding, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and capital renovation of residential houses, cottages, objects of civil, industrial, agricultural purpose up to 40 m high. The buildings are made of metal, monolithic concrete, stone, brick, blocks, assembled reinforced concrete and wooden structures including water towers, reservoirs, gasholders, etc.

At your request separate works can be done:

Construction site preparation
Earth works:
- leveling, soil development
- soil compaction
- drains construction
- landscaping and greenery

Special earth works:
- piling works (all kinds of piles), groove plunging and removing
- wells construction works
- soil fixing and subsoil water level reduction

Construction of bearing and fencing structures of buildings and edifices:
- metal structures erection
- building of monolithic concrete structures
- assembled concrete structures erection
- stone, brick and block laying
- уinstallation of asbestos cement, gypsum concrete, arbolythic, light concrete, polymeric items
- installation of deformation seams
- screening premises

Finishing works (inside the premises):
- plastering and facing works
- painting and papering works
- installation of wooden structures and items, facing of walls,
ceilings, partitions with boards, wood-fiber slabs, splint-slabs
- making of bases, covers and floors
- making of suspended ceilings
- glazing

Finishing works of building facades:
- plastering works
- facing works - with facing bricks, tiles, stone, metal plastic, etc.

Roofing - soft and hard

We have licenses for all the works. We are always open for new interesting offers!
Buildings and structures
Buildings and structures
Buildings and structures
Buildings and structures


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