Commissioned sites
Sites commissioned within the last 3 years

OAO Teploset Lenenergo (Lenenergo Heating Network)

  • Reconstructing of Sennaya heating line from Moskovsky Pr. To Gorskin Bridge.
  • Construction of Moskovskaya and Frunzenskaya lines from Yuzhnaya TEC (South Power Plant) in the area of Sofiyskaya Ul.
  • Connecting heating line between TEC 1 (Power Plant 1) and TEC 3 (Power Plant 3) along Vedensky Canal.
  • Reconstruction of Teatralnaya heating line along Fontanka River Emb.
  • Reconstruction of heating network along Ul.Frunze from Varshavskaya Ul to Ul.Lensoveta.
  • Reconstruction of Apraxin heating line along Canal Griboyedova Emb.
  • Reconstruction of Ryleeva distributing network along 10-Sovetskaya
  • Reconstruction of heating network along 9-Sovetskaya Ul.
  • Reconstruction of heating network along 5-Krasnoarmeiskaya Ul.
  • Reconstruction of heating network along 10-Krasnoarmeiskaya Ul.



  • Reconstruction of heating network in quarter 11, Grazhdansky Pr.
  • Reconstruction of heating network along 5-Predtpotovy Proyezd
  • Reconstruction of heating network along Suzdalsky Pr. from Ul.Esenina to Pr.Khudozhnikov
  • Reconstruction of heating network along Lanskoye Shosse
  • Heating network from 2-Krasnogvardeiskaya boiler house along Pr.Energetikov
  • Heat Supply of quarter 26 of Nevsky District
  • Reconstruction of heating network of Chernaya Rechka boiler house up to Lanskoy Bridge
  • Reconstruction of heating network along Severny Pr. from Grazhdansky to Ul.Vavilovykh
  • Reconstruction of heating network along Pr.Energetikov from Ul.Stasovoy to Sh.Revolutsii


AOZT Inzhstroy SPb

Quarter 71-a 74 of Kamenka

  • Heating network construction
  • Cable network 10 kW and 0.4 kW
  • Power supply and external lighting


Quarter 130 and the pedestrian zone


  • Heating network reconstruction
  • Power supply
  • Construction of electrical protection for engineering network


Pulkovo-3 non-residential zone


  • Heating network reconstruction
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Engineering provision


OOO Caterpillar Tosno


  • Water pipe line construction for Caterpillar plant in Tosno


Ethnographical Museum


  • Capital renovation of heating network
  • Facades restoration
  • Main entrance restoration
  • Renovation and restoration of Siberian Hall, Slavic Hall, Cinema Hall


OOO LEK Estate Stroy


  • Reconstruction of heating network in Sh.Ozerki, quarter 28, Bld.31
  • Heating network in quarter 4, Dachnoye
  • Heating network in quarter 5, Dachnoye


OOO Fregat


  • Construction of the platform for Filling Station in Susanino


OAO Samos Star


  • Cottage foundations in Levashovo


OAO PodzemStroyProject


  • Electric and chemical protection of the gas line and tram ways on Truda Square
  • Electric and chemical protection of engineering network, Blds. 23-a, 33-a in Shuvalovo Ozerki


AOZT TVEL Corporation


  • Electric lighting of skiing hillsides in Korobitsino


ZAO Termabalt


  • Capital renovation of Mariinsky Theatre


OAO Curtains and Lace Factory


  • Sewerage construction on the factory territory


ZAO Universal Construction Association


  • Cable removal from the building area Bld.10 Apt.46


RZhA of Admiralteisky District


  • Capital renovation of the building façade at Voznesensky Pr., Blds. 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57.




  • External power supply network of the Filling Station at Severny Pr., 11


OOO Akcel-Car


  • Cable removal from the building area at Ul.Rustaveli, 31-A, Apt.10




  • Protection of water pipe line against electric corrosion at construction of the ring road in Gorskaya


OOO SU-62 Trust 38


  • Foundations of a 16-storey building


AOZT Third Park


  • Capital renovation of heating network


Vsevolozhsk Administration


  • Gas supply of Berngardovka micro-district of Vsevolozhsk
  • Ul.Ozernaya and Ul.Kultury


MUP UZhKKh Unified Customer Service


  • Gas pipe line of high and medium pressure in Vsevolozhsk, Berngardovka District


OOO West Company


  • Reconstruction of gas pipe line of low pressure in the quarter Bolshaya Volkova Village


OAO Avtogidropodyemnik


  • Gas pipe line of medium pressure Ul.Blagodatnaya, 71


ZAO Lentekhgaz


  • Construction of above ground water pipe line on the plant territory
  • Gas supply of the boiler house at Smolenskaya Ul.


Customer 5435-t/s, ks


  • Heating network in Lisino towards Lisino Forest College
  • Boiler house on bio-fuel
  • Individual heating points




  • Construction of heating network in Cherepovets
  • Construction of semi-passage collector tunnel under the railway in Cherepovets


SMU-20 Lenmostostroy


  • Heating network to Vyborgskaya depot


GUP NPO Aurora


  • External heating network to GUP NPO Aurora


OOO Petrostroy


  • Rain and general sewerage
  • Foundations for KNS
  • Technical drains
  • Technical and drinking water pipe line
  • Construction of ShchSU, ZRU, Diesel, Foam extinguishing station, Silt platforms, Boiler house, Floatation station
  • Foundations for 1000 m3 water reservoirs


Commissioned sites


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