Manufacturing of joints and parts
By your order experts of ZAO "Lengazteplostroy Trust" will manufacture, repair and assemble:

1. Equipment for gas objects of civil, industrial and agricultural purpose:
- profile parts and joints
- framing of gas boiler houses

2. Equipment for boiler supervision objects:
- profile parts and joints for pipe lines of steam and hot water of 3-4 categories
- reinforced concrete immobile supports completely assembled at the plant
- stamped and welded transfers
- cushioning slipping collar supports for pipe lines of all diameters in foam-polyurethane insulation and other types of insulation
- welding waste
- bellows compensators

3. Metal construction structures and items
- bearing structures: columns, supports, trusses, beams, beams under cranes, bridge elements, frames under equipment
- joints of non-standard equipment according to the customer's drawings
- garages, trading pavilion elements
- public transport stop elements
- fencing structures: showcases, stained glass, insulated panels, doors, grates, etc., fittings welding nets, frameworks, insertion parts, etc., inventory, equipment, metal forms, concrete forms.

We have licenses for all the above works. For the convenience of customers "Lengazteplostroy" has guarded warehouses of open and closed materials storage with rail and vehicle access. We are looking forward to receiving your offers for joint projects!

Manufacturing of joints and parts


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