Electrical and chemical protection and power supply
Electrical and chemical protection, protective earthing and power supply

Experts of ZAO "Lengazteplostroy Trust" skillfully execute the following protection of pipe lines and engineering structures: cathodic, anodic, drainage and protective. They also install earthing of all types and circuits.

Besides the company supplies power of up to 10 kV inclusive:
- laying of overhead power lines up to 0.4 kV
- laying of alternating current cable lines
- electric installation works on electric devices up to 10 kV inclusive

We accept orders for erection, adjustment and repair of power objects and electric equipment:
- overhead and cable power lines of direct and alternating current
- outside and inside overhead and cable lighting networks
- erection of basic and auxiliary equipment of substations, converting and distributing devices, auxiliary equipment of power stations.

We have licenses for all works. There is no future without safety. Contact real professionals!

Electrical and chemical protection and power supply


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